Monday, March 18, 2013

Etsy Shop Feature: Point of View Creations

Today's post features Cheryl and her beautiful shop, Point of View Creations, featuring fine art photographic prints, note cards, photo jewelry, and scripture art! She opened in January of this year and already has a great selection of amazing photographs. Read below to find out more about her and her shop (click the pictures to be taken to the shop listings!). 

1. Tell me a little about yourself! What are your hobbies, etc?
This is the hardest question! I grew up in a small town and moved to our state capital to go to college. I have a degree in Child Development and taught school for several years. I now work for the state legislature. I love all things crafty. I have two nieces that I adore. 

2. Tell me about your Etsy shop. How did you get started in your craft and what made you decide to sell on Etsy? Do you sell anywhere else?
My shop was a huge step out of the box for me. A friend talked me into opening the shop. Its scary to put yourself out there. I found a love for photography a few years ago. I haven't had any formal training (yet). I simply take pictures of what I love and try to create beautiful images. At this point I only sell on Etsy. 

3. What is your favorite thing to create? Where do you get your inspiration? Do you have a favorite listing in your shop?
I love taking a photo of an every day object and turning it into something new, finding a new perspective. I think some of my favorite images are the ones that end up looking like paintings. Nature and landscapes are what I veer toward when taking photos. But I like to experiment with still life and natural-light family portraits a bit. 

4. How has your business evolved since you first started out?
My shop has only been open a few months. I'm experimenting a bit in what I offer to see what people like best. Along with photography prints, I have photo jewelrynote cards, mouse pads, and scripture art

5. What tips do you have for others interested in opening an Etsy shop or starting a small business?
I think joining teams on Etsy has been the most beneficial move for me. Connecting with other sellers, learning from their experience, and getting feedback is essential. Promotion and networking are also important. I have a Facebook page and when work slows down I am thinking about starting a blog. Pinterest is also a great tool for promotion.

6. How do you see your business growing in the future?
I would love to specialize in matted, framed prints eventually. My dream is to travel more. To have a place to show my work, maybe a small gallery or shop.